It's a pleasure to meet you. I have to admit I have a lifetime love affair with all things paper. As a little girl, I remember begging my mom to get the mail. The simple possibility of receiving a letter was motivation enough. Think about it. How delightful is it when a letter has just arrived for you?

How it all started...

From home in the Pacific Northwest, collegiate years outside of New York City and a small stint abroad, I landed in Phoenix. In full disclosure, I HATE the heat and much prefer the gray, rainy days of Seattle but over the last decade I have found an appreciation for the stunning beauty of the desert. Phoenix has been filled with amazing opportunity, adventures and people, including my now husband, Mike. During our engagement I fully immersed myself in DIY wedding planning and excitedly sifted through the decades of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines I had saved. I was enamored with planning and digging into every detail including one of my favorites...the invitations. Not only did I love correspondence to begin with, but this was the ultimate letter! It is my passion for letters, all things paper and handmade details that drove me to start Pine & Cactus. 

random tidbits

I am a mom to our sweet, smiley little nugget - Ivy Wren. I have an addiction to notebooks...seriously beyond too many. I do not sit still very often or well for that matter and pick up a plethora of hobbies - watercolor, calligraphy, sewing, baking, knitting, etc. - you name it, I most likely have all the supplies. I used my mom as a reference in my first professional interview; if I can accomplish half of what she has I think that would be pretty rad. I wouldn't be anything without my family and friends. And my motto: Just keep going.

Wanna see our wedding? Check it out on  100 Layer Cake !

Wanna see our wedding? Check it out on 100 Layer Cake!

A peek into my current adventures: